Vallon des Dervallières | REVERT | Nantes

  • Urbanism Jean-François REVERT
  • Program: 436 units: 1/3 social, 1/3 affordable Homeownership, 1/3 freehold housing
  • 2006 – 2016
  • Budget 13,5 M€


From the official website project:

  • A vast restructuring program is underway in one of the oldest housing estates in Nantes: the Quartier Vallon des Dervallières Nantes Ouest
  • bordered by the Chézine valley, the Boulevard du Massacre and the Parc des Dervallières
  • architect-town planner Jean-François Revert wanted to renew the habitat by organizing very different architectures based on the urban project
  • the new image of the neighborhood of small residential buildings within landscaped parks and gardens
  • the will is also to open this neighborhood on the outside by continuing the actions carried out on the upper part of the neighborhood by the reassembly of the entire road network to allow easy circulation to the various public facilities inscribed on the district: school, nursery, gym and civic center




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