• The local plan area is about 300-800 m to the metro stations Lergravsparken and Øresund and is well located in relation to public transport. Strandlodsvej is designated as an urban road
    in the municipal plan, which means that it must ensure and manage traffic in the district. Through traffic is minimised through traffic improvements, and bus and bicycle traffic are given at least as much priority as car traffic.
  • in addition to providing access to the properties, Lergravsvej is an important green link between Østrigsgade and Amager Strandvej.
  • increase in traffic of approx. 2,000 cars.  to an annual daily traffic of about 5,500 cars on Strandlods- vej
  • creation of new cycle plaths


  • the masterplan is inspired by the neighbourhood’s diversity of randomly placed large and small buildings types and urban spaces.
  • the parcels are defined to create a sense of belonging for residents.
  • the courtyards contain the entrances to the dwellings, bicycle parking, drying racks, waste management and nearby garden and play areas.
  • the courtyards are primarily for the residents but the recreational and activity facilities of different size and function are both for the residents and the neighbourhood.
  • private terraces are built along the facades, behind low shrubbery and with access to the open space.
  • the facades are interrupted by clear entrance areas and terraced that are linked to the individual apartments.
  • a garden-like character is created through scale and more varied planting.
  • defined areas for recreation, play or stay, depending on the context in which they are placed and type of activity are designed throughout the site.
  • shared roof terraces have green character and are designed to invite people to stay.
  • the local plan defines the access by cars to the site with two roads to the underground parking.
  • the plan addresses the connection between the city and the water, with publicly accessible path winding diagonally through the site. This diagonal path is designed as a promenade for cyclist and pedestrians in a material that allows roller skating. The widths varied to allow for pocket parks
  • the building vary between two and twelve storeys with large terraced jumps. The three tvelve-storey buildings are located along disused Amager railway line, and single eleven-storey building is marking the corner. Each building unit has its own architectural identity.
  • the Landscape plan is presented as an open public grass area, on which buildings, roads, paths, trees and shrubs as well as a recreational and activity facilities are placed in a deliberate composition
  • in addition to the apartments, the neighborhood also houses a 192 square meter room on the ground floor, which residents can rent for your gatherings and parties. It is also a common area on a daily basis.