GWL Terrein | KCAP Architects | AMSTERDAM

  • 6 ha
  • 1,400 inhabitants
  • 230 persons/ha
  • 600 residential units
  • 1995 – 1998
  • Distance from City Center: 3 km
  • Cars: 190 cars/1,000 residents
  • Parking Spaces/Residence: 0.20
  • Non-motorized Mode Share: 80%
  • Public Transport Mode Share: 14%
  • Households with Carsharing: 26%
  • Developer: Ecoplan Foundation
  • website of the project


From the author:

The Westerpark municipal district council decided to develop the former minicipal waterboard terrain (GWL terrain) in Amsterdam into a residential area in 1989. The complex was to be a car-free, environmentally friendly residential area. The plans not only influenced car use but also car ownership - the only parking spaces available were created on the edge of the complex. The complex includes properties for both renting and buying, with the emphasis on larger houses for families. There are generous outdoor spaces, apartments with roof gardens, private gardens for the ground floor properties and a green public space intended not only for the residents, but also for those living in the densely built adjacent neighbourhoods. 

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